Guru Singh

Guru Singh has been changing lives through the art of exercise and holistic training for almost 20 years. His adept knowledge of anatomy & physiology, chi flow, chakra energy systems, functional training, natural remedies, holistic health and spiritual attunement makes him a master key to unlocking your inner potential. 

Guru has been a life long fitness enthusiast, participating in competitive sports such as high school wrestling, boxing, kickboxing & mixed martial arts. His deep passion for self mastery through harmony of the body, mind & spirit is what motivates his continuing quest for somatic knowledge and refinement of his techniques. Guru's foundation within the fitness industry evolved from his training in massage therapy from the Cayce Reilly School of Masotherapy. After becoming a N.A.S.M. certified master trainer he began working with many of New York's most popular gyms where he quickly gained a devoted following for his unique group classes. He then went on to get a certification as a IFPA Sports & Conditioning Specialist and Z-Health R Phase for more corrective exercise techniques. Guru has a true love for continuing his education and further advancing his knowledge, skills and abilities within the health and wellness industry.

As the creator of the "oh so cleverly titled" Morphit4Life, Guru gained his independence in the business and fine tuned his unique fit formula. This 'Phormula' is based around the 7 chakras and meridians of the human body, and meticulously suited to meet each client's individual needs. His 'Phormula' consists of functional & strength training, corrective exercise, massage therapy, acupressure, yoga, Z health, nutrition and meditation. 

His ability to empower his clients with perpetual wisdom to heal and strengthen the mind, body & spirit through fitness, health & wellness and making them overall Morphit4Life is why he is so modestly titled the Guru.


Be the Morphit version of yourself
— Guru Singh